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Laurus Educational Services is still MONTREAL's premiere in-home tutoring service, we have just moved locations!

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Laurus Educational Services

Laurus Educational Services is the premiere Montreal tutoring company & a member of the Laurus Lifestyle family. Laurus, Latin for thriving and successful, is our intention for each student we have the opportunity to work with. We offer specialized tutors in Montreal, trained to adapt to you or your child's needs in an attempt to provide the most effective service possible. As entrance requirements of post-secondary institutions become increasingly competitive, it takes more and more to get into the school and program of your choice. Combined with growing class sizes, a student may not always receive the attention and help that they require to reach their potential.

We are serious about your success. Comprised of McGill University Graduate and Undergraduate students, Laurus selects only the most well qualified professionals to help you achieve your goals. Our tutors are chosen for their academic history, communication skills and their ability to think outside the box.

Our Montreal tutors are specialized in exceptional students, both advanced students looking to prepare for exams, as well as students with difficulties in the classroom. Our dedicated team knows the keys to academic success being the tops of their respective classes!

We have no pre-defined curriculum & customize to the specific needs of each student. This personalized experience is designed to ensure excellence inside and outside the classroom, for the immediate and long term. As a result we guarantee your experience with us will be a terrific one.

Philip A. Cutler
Laurus Educational Services

Our Services

Our tutors are qualified to tutor students in just about every subject and second languages. To find out which tutor is right for your needs, contact us today (514) 800-2536 or visit our Team Page.

K-11: All Subjects. Our tutors have reached McGill University by excelling at all their courses. We have individuals who are trained for Math, Sciences, Language Arts, History, Geography, English & French Second Language, among others.

CEGEP: Most Intro Level Courses & Some advanced courses.

Group Sessions: All services can be rendered in a group setting. Special Contact us for details. Our tutors are trained to teach material to small groups to ensure that each student absorbs the information and learns the keys to success associated with the topic at hand.

Exam Prep: Our tutors can help prepare students for provincial exams. These can be extremely stressful times & the help of an educational professional can be extremely beneficial.

Admission Exam Prep: Gaining admission to many high schools and post-secondary institutions may require students to pass an admission exam. Laurus is able to prepare students for their optimal performance on these examinations.

Individual "1 on 1" Tutoring

Every student requires attention in a specialized region. For this to be achieved, the proper instructor must be selected from our wealth of tutors to ensure the most positive outcome for the student.

Step One: Sign up today to have an Individualized Educational Profile set up. This portfolio will feature all the details required for our staff to analyze the student. You will now be able to browse the online booking console.

Step Two: Once your IEP is complete it will be reviewed by our staff to asses strengths and weaknesses.

Step Three: You will be able to select a tutor to meet your needs. Tutors have specific regions in which they are most comfortable teaching. Their availability is posted in the booking console.

Step Four: Book online by using our secure online booking console. Once the appointment is booked, your Individual Educational Profile along with booking details will be sent to our professional tutor and confirmed within 24 hours.

Individual Educational Profile

The Individual Educational Profile is a unique idea conceived by the Laurus Educational Services team to ensure that our tutors are adequately prepared to make the most of every minute with the student. In order to do so, each profile includes personalized details that will only be sent to a tutor once a booking is made.

At Laurus Educational Services, we pride on having the most advanced learning techniques and offering our customers the best service in an attempt to propagate ultimate academic excellence. Through the IEP, tutors will have an idea the strengths and weaknesses of each student.

The IEP is another important tool that gives Laurus Educational Services an edge over the competition.

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